Welcome to
Nature's Haven
A Non-Profit Wildlife Rehabilitation Shelter
Located near Bryan, in Brazos County, Texas

On a hot Texas day, a volunteer stepped out to greet a new arrival to the haven for orphaned, sick and injured animals. She peeked into a cardboard ice tea box to find a fledgling blue-jay in a nest of grasses. Gentle hands lifted the chick, as she began evaluation of his injuries. He had good spirits, but he had a problem using his legs. Tapping his beak with her finger... he opened wide and she fed him a dropper full of high protein food and gently placed him in a cage with another jay about his size... thus begins his road to recovery.

Nature's Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation Shelter
is a non-profit organization for injured and needy creatures
that cannot help themselves.
The goal is to return the injured to the wild whenever possible.
It is located in Northern Brazos County, Texas.
Funding is solely provided by donations or grants.
The animals are also in need of volunteer caregivers, and donated items.

Jessica, a fawn rescued by the shelter from the loving, but uneducated hands of her former owners.

Jessica was raised in an apartment until blinded by a fall. Her vision was repaired by generous donations to the shelter, and a discounted rate provided by the Texas A&M University Veterinary School.

It's important that animals like Jessica be raised by licensed rehabilitators who know the proper nutrition needs and care required of a wild animal.. If you know of a wild animal being raised as a pet, urge the caregivers to call us at

(979) 361-0122 , for the animals sake.

*Fundraisers Needed*

If your group or organization is seeking a worthy cause for local fund raisers, Nature's Haven is in need of donations toward the shelter's new location. Plus there is always the never ending purchase of food and medical supplies and equipment.
Every dollar donated is tax deductible.

Mail these tax deductible donations to:
Nature's Haven
P.O. Box 6111
Bryan, Texas 77805-6111

Rehabilitator Donna Bligh poses with some of the *critters* from the shelter.

*Donate Your Time*
If you have a love for animals and want to make a difference, you can make the lives brighter for animals of the wild or domestic animals by donating a little of you time to a local animal shelter or a shelter for wildlife.

If you live in the Brazos Valley, volunteers are always needed to help care for the animals.
Phone (979) 361-0122

A volunteer serves supper to hungry fawns.
Plus a look at some of the occupants of the shelter.

View our photo album.

*The Reward*
The joy that is felt when animals are released back to the wild is the reward for hours of loving labor. The trees around the shelter are alive with birds, flying down, then back up again...asking to be fed. These are babies that have been nurtured til they were mature and set free...

One of the young mockingbirds captures a grasshopper and starts to feast on it. They are capable of getting food on their own...but just like young children... they have to adapt to life on their own....and they do...

This is the reward....

...All that's needed to achieve it?


*Wildlife Rescue*

If you live in the Brazos County area and have need of a wildlife rescue, phone Nature's Haven at:
(979) 361-0122

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mail us at natureshaven@yahoo.com

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